Blast furnace business in the internet – parking domains Namedrive

by admin

Then decided to sell a domain name and started reading different forums on the subject. Somehow stumbled upon the article Domain Parking. I have long wanted to try to attach somewhere a couple of stale and unused domains. All the same sense that they are gathering dust in the accounts registers, no. And so it will be a little experiment. In domains have keys will be interesting to see people walking or not, I have on several sites it is for the domain name fall. And at the same time look at the system of domain parking inside – will attain invaluable experience.

Parking domains namedriveTak here, judging by the reviews, there are 2 domenforum with serious offices that deal with parking – NameDrive and They are kind of like, the most popular for all sorts of domains in zabugornyh zones (com, net, etc.), although there is no limit participation and Russian domain names. In principle, the domestic market also has some parking, but the trick is that they can work with the citizens of the Russian Federation. Something was in the rules + read on the forum. In principle, this restriction is very conditional in the sense that you are actually quite difficult to control (and whether), but on the other hand there is a risk of being banned at one point. Maybe just the day before the payment – the law of meanness 🙂 It is necessary to you? Especially because there are serious firm with a worldwide reputation.

Actually, as I understand it, there are many details in each of the systems – from CPC to the possibility to change the design of the parking page. Slightly more positive reviews I found it about NameDrive, therefore there and register. Now a bit about them and tell, in parallel considered the whole process.

So the first step – we are registered with the system. It’s all absolutely free. Fill in the registration form some simple and indicate the method of payment. It should be noted that the system works with PayPal, Bank Wire, WebMoney. As you already know from my review PayPal, they do not transfer money to the CIS countries, so there will need to look for an intermediary (at the domain forum someone suggested a 10% service). Plus method is that there is a minimum payout of only $ 20 (and already a lot of parking). Bank transfer is also very questionable transactions because there minimum salary for state – $ 100 Europe – $ 50, and we are with you – as much as $ 200. Good is WebMoney, but there need to earn 50 bucks for output. I understand that for the average user (not the domain of Baron) is very large sum. In any case, an alternative to small, so I personally chose WebMoney.